Msi Network Installer

2,2 now totally free! No donation is required for actions on upp to 150 computers!


Deploy your msi applications the easy way or remote join machines

*As an administrator of many computers it is time consuming to install/uninstall applications on many computers, especially remotely.

Customized version
If you want some changes to application it can be done, contact me.
Email in About page.

*Join remote computers to domain
*Load and Save computerlist from file
*Network installation of msi files
*Store application settings
*Authentication options Impersonate or username
*Asynchronous installation/uninstall.
*Accepts passing parameters to installation.
*Accepts TRANSFORMS= mst file.
*Retrieve logged on users
*Reboot computers
*Check for updates
*Trayicon with status

**Remotely install/uninstall MSI files to up to 100 computers asynchronously with a few clicks.

How to figure out parameters
msiexec /i application.msi /l* C:\temp\application.txt

Error 1619. Installation package could not be found
This occurs when the network share doesnt allow unauthenticated connections.
How to get around this in Windows Server i dont know at the moment but in Linux Samba you add “guest ok = Yes” in your smb.conf for the shared folder.

Microsoft .net framework 4.0.

MSI NetworkInstaller 2.2

Installer created with “install it creator” from




  1. I had to install Skype on 25 computers within 30 minutes.
    With this application i was able to do it in under 5 minutes!
    Really timesaving and brilliant application!

  2. Flash player had stopped working on 60-70 Windows 7 computers and i learned that a deinstallation and reinstallation was the cure.

    So i did all this with the Msi Network Installer, first remote uninstall and then remote install and it worked like a charm!

    Thank you!

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